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Most of the time, when you see a company sales and profit growing consistently for last several years, EPS growing also in good pace. Even promoters holding is good and other parameters are also consistent but despite those things doesn't reflect in price. Then you must be alert.

Look at Alembic Pharma, if you see financial parameters everything looks good however the it has hardly appreciated in last 5 years.

There is something market knows that we do not. May be promoters behavior in the past for merger and de-merger of group companies has discouraged investors to buy this company shares.


Yup, Alembic glass merged into Shreno Ltd. in 2006 and then Shreno Ltd. demerged into Nirayu ltd in 2019. There were some confusion that promoters couldn't clarified.

Hence confusion is there and some trust factor is there.
Posted by munna
on 5/15/2020

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