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DynamicInvestor on 3/23/2020
There are a lot of uncertainties in share market. People who play, made Fortune.

Few months back I started creating long term portfolio. Added all quality stocks. Thought.will not sell next 4 or 5 years.

Had chance to safely exit at cost or bit of profit but my mind was set to remain invested.

Now I think, should I have exited and invested again at least 50% was given in next few months.

We have to be agile and dynamic in share market. Fixed mind set doesn't work.


Absolutely, a lot of traders, operators, algo trading are going on.

We have to be on toe all the time and shift the side as per market indications.
Posted by PatientInvestor
on 3/24/2020

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Share Market Best Practices

  • Do not borrow and invest.
  • Do not invest all your money in Share Market.
  • Do not invest all investible money in one company/sector.
  • Do not invest for short term.
  • Should follow SIP approach for investing
  • Do not blindly trust on multibagger tips or recommendations in media however get clue from them, research on your own, and then invest.

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