Is this right time to invest in GMM Pfaudler?

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I can see GMM Pfaudler price rising almost every day after a decent fall few weeks before. I know the potential of that company as well. However I can see its PE as 75 that is very very costly for capital goods sector company.

I am wondering if still this share can be bought, please share your experience.


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raja on 4/23/2020
Very valid question at this time when the PE is at all time high for GMM Pfaudler.

My opinion is that we should not buy a company at any price. Margin of safety is very important. What if something goes wrong, though GMM is overflowing with the order but buying stock at any price is not suggested as per me.

I would wait GMM to cool down and then will buy.


Learner on 4/23/2020
Thanks Raja for guiding. I agree with your views that is why I had this question.


Sami on 7/6/2020
Can I buy at CMP of itc now . For a long time (5 years holding).
If buy then where will be go itc can reach itc 500 after 5 years sir.

Disclaimer: Response is for educational purpose.

raja on 7/6/2020
HI Sami,

Thanks for asking your question. You can create a separate post on ITC.

To answer your question, I personally feel ITC is having good diversified portfolio of products and it is decreasing the dependence on Cigerrate slowly for their revenue. Their FMCG business is doing pretty well. So I can certainly see very good future of ITC from here. However recently ITC has run up quite well from almost 150 to 200, hopefully it may correct but I am not sure.

You can probably start accumulating in SIP mode, say weekly buy certain quantity. Target price is difficult to predict.

Disclaimer: I am not SEBI registered and I do not hold ITC.

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