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Here is a portfolio that contains futuristic companies that are unlikely to get disrupted from changing technologies, consumer behaviors, and focus shift geographically. These are companies with high promoter holding (few are not but having good institutional holding), trusted and reliable promoters, years of track records and adaptive business models in the changing time.

Better to have SIP mode of buying to get good average price.

Disclaimer: I am not SEBI registered, I hold some of the companies and may buy/sell these companies in future.

Portfolio companies (11)

1. ABBOTT INDIA LTD. (Pharmaceuticals) 17667.0000 5/2/2020
One of the trusted name in MNC pharma companies. Management has recently announced that they are going to launch 100 new products in coming years. Their products are adaptive to changing requirements and MNC parent will help no nuisance from FDA.
2. Avenue Supermarts Ltd (Department Stores) 2379.0000 5/2/2020
Promoted by Radhakishan Damani, one of the most successful investor in Share market. Dmart is a household name in India and millions of people buy groceries from DMart because of good deal every month. Though the company valuation is high however it is expected to be same seeing its growth potential and management pedigree.
3. Bajaj Finance Limited (Finance (including NBFCs)) 2317.0000 5/2/2020
One of the best and most hi-tech NBFC in India promoted by Bajaj group. Have already created multibagger return in past and expected to do the same in future. When things will stablize after the corona crisis, business will be back to normal. Urbanization and modernization and aspirations will help this company grow as more and more people will aspire to buy hitech household goods.
4. HDFC Life Insurance Company Ltd (Life Insurance) 500.0000 5/2/2020
Insurance is still under penetrated in India. With population of 130 crores, a lot business is still untapped. HDFC having great brand and distribution channel will help tapping customers across the country.
5. Indian Energy Exchange Ltd (Electric Utilities) 149.0000 5/2/2020
IEX is the first and largest energy exchange in India providing a nationwide automated trading platform for physical delivery of electricity, renewable energy certificates, and energy saving certificates. Energy regulation is likely to help this company in future. Though it has no specific promoters however most of the shares are held by HNIs, FIIs and mutual funds. Chances of loosing money is less and appreciation is more.
6. ITC LTD. (Cigarettes-Tobacco Products) 182.0000 5/2/2020
ITC is household name in India and are having diverse products portfolio, right from Tobacco to FMCG to Hotel to Stationary etc. One of the reliable company and good dividend yield stock. Shift of revenue from Tobacco or non tobacco products are in focus and likely to do well in future. ITC is leader in cigarette and have many renowned brand in FMCG sectors.
7. L&T Technology Services Ltd (Internet Software & Services) 1252.0000 5/2/2020
LTTS is global leader in ER&D has 450+ patents. It automate and help several sectors companies to get better ROI by automating their processes. It caters into Transportation, Telecommunication, Consumer electronics, Medical services, Plant Engineering, Industrial products, Semiconductors, Media & Entertainment, Oil & Gas sectors. It is one of the futuristic company in Indian stock market.
8. NESTLE INDIA LTD. (Packaged Foods) 17906.0000 5/2/2020
Nestle is known for quality of products that has niche and moat. Its baby food products, noodles, nescafe and many other products are market leader. Nestle caters to consumption sectors and constant R&D and launch of innovative products will keep this company growing.
9. Nippon Life India Asset Management Ltd (Asset Management Cos.) 246.0000 5/2/2020
Erstwhile Reliance Mutual fund and now acquired by Nippon Life, Japan. Nippon is one of the largest finance company that manages billions of dollar money. Having great network across the world will help tapping more and more customer. Local distribution channel and digital channel along with innovating mutual funds products will help it keep growing.
10. RELIANCE INDUSTRIES LTD. (Integrated Oil & Gas) 1467.0000 5/2/2020
Reliance Industries is no more a petrochemical company, it has diversified into Retail, Fashion, Telecommunication (Jio is known and one of the largest and reliable mobile network in India), Media, Finance sectors. Recent acquisition of 10% stake in Jio and constant effort to make this a debt free company by Mukesh Ambani will help this grown even quicker and bigger.
11. UNITED SPIRITS LTD. (Breweries & Distilleries) 536.0000 5/2/2020
United Spirits is one of the largest producer of Alcohol in India. It has many known brand. Recently major stake is acquired by foreign company will help it improving its corporate governance, export of products and launch of new segments of products. More and more young people with modern life style is expected to increase the consumption of alcohol. Being in leadership position with foreign promoters will help this company keep growing.
Submitted by raja on Saturday, May 2, 2020

Wait for opportunity and grab with all hands like Eagle.

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