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These are companies with high dividend yields (http://www.sharefunda.com/Articles/2/financial-terms-used-in-share-market-and-their-significance), less volatile and increased earnings. Apart from these, they have track record of not cutting dividends and increasing in dividend yields.

Please note that I have no expectation of high capital appreciation from these companies as the main purpose of this portfolio is to get better return than bank Fixed Deposits, preservation of capital and at the last capital appreciation, if any will be icing on cake.

Most of these companies are PSUs (govt. companies) and I have not applied following filters while selecting these companies

- high dividend yields
- comparatively less volatile
- increased earnings
- no skipping of dividends
- consistently increasing the dividend yields
- known names so that loss of capital is extremely less

Hope you like it, do comment your opinion.

Portfolio companies (7)

1. COAL INDIA LTD. (Coal) 146.8500 4/15/2020
Coal India is a PSU engaged in mining and production of coal. It is one of the largest coal producer of the world and caters to many industries like power, steel, cement, fertilizer, bricks etc. Dividend yeild: 8.5%
2. GUJARAT STATE FERTILIZERS & CHEMICALS LTD. (Fertilizers) 43.9500 4/15/2020
GSFC is engaged in crop nutrition development program like fertilizer, it caters to retail and industrial requirements too. It is also engaged in fungicide development. Dividend yield: 5.22%
3. ITC LTD. (Cigarettes-Tobacco Products) 189.3500 4/15/2020
ITC is a holding company that produce and market products in diversified sectors like smoking, fmcg, stationary, hotels, packaging and agriculture business. ITC owns many respectable brands like Aashirvaad Sunfeast Bingo Kitchen of India Yippee BNatural Minto Candyman Cumon Fabelle Sunbean WonderzMilk ITC Master Chef Farmland Essenza Di Wills Dermafique Fiama Vivel Engage Superia Nimyle Savlon Shower to Shower Charmis WLS Classmate Paperkraft AIM Mangaldeep Homelites etc. Dividend yield: 3.16%
4. NMDC LTD. (Mining) 82.4500 4/15/2020
NMDC is engaged in mining iron ore, sponge iron, sale of wind power etc. Dividend yield: 6.66%
5. REC Ltd (Finance (including NBFCs)) 90.3500 4/15/2020
REC is engaged in financing power sector projects particularly rural electrification projects. It also assist to State electricity boards, cooperatives etc. Dividend yield 12.51%
6. SJVN Ltd (Electric Utilities) 22.3500 4/15/2020
It is engaged in electrical generation and sale of power. It also provides consultancy in power sector. Dividend yield: 9%
7. Vedanta Limited (Aluminium) 78.6000 4/15/2020
Vedanta ltd is a global diversified metal company that caters to copper, aluminium, iron ore, power, zinc, silver, oil, gas etc. Its not a PSU company. Dividend yield: 24%
Submitted by PatientInvestor on Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Patience doesn't cost anything but pays a lot in stock market!

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