Stock Portfolio to benefit from Corona/Covid-19 crisis

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I have created this portfolio to take benefit from current Corona/Covid-19 situation prevailing in stock market. Though this lockdown has affected almost all companies however financial sector has mostly affected and most of the financial companies shares are at the rock bottom price.

When we will be out of this situation, these financial companies will gain its glory again and will given multifold return. However we need to keep patience at least for 4-5 years to get that benefits. All these companies are having very good corporate governance, bright prospect, good growth potentials etc.

I am also going to include other sectors companies that are having huge potential to grow once we are out of this crisis.

Companies are of different market caps so its combination of small, mid and large cap. The focus is great management and future potential.

Portfolio companies (8)

1. AAVAS Financiers Ltd (Housing Finance ) 1171.0000 4/14/2020
Young and dynamic company. Caters to those customers who are either rejected by typical lenders because of necessary documentations or their ticket size is low. However its growth in last few years are exceptional. They are also controlling NPA very well. Its employees are motivated and top management having good exposure and experiences. Earlier AU Small Finance bank was promoting it. FII holding also holding this.
2. Bajaj Finance Limited (Finance (including NBFCs)) 2288.0000 4/14/2020
Leadership position in NBFC categories, catering to mostly urban crowd. They give loans to those who actually doesn't need. Proven and reliable management. Good track record.
3. CreditAccess Grameen Ltd (Finance (including NBFCs)) 351.0000 4/14/2020
Great company with 80% FII promoter holding. Recently acquired Madura Micro Finance Ltd that will give me extra edge to serve large customer base. Enough capitalized and stable company. Parent backing is robust. Its ticket size is less and mostly from villages (women) so chances of NPA is very less. Though this lockdown will affect it but it will be temporary and after few quarters it will be back to its earlier growth story.
4. HDFC Asset Management Company Ltd (Asset Management Cos.) 2545.0000 4/14/2020
AMC (Mutual fund) company from proven corporate. Mutual fund (AMC) sector is still at very initial stage in India. Still very few % of people invest in Equities. As the interest rate will decrease, people will be forced to invest in Equities or mutual fund. HDFC AMC having great distribution channel from its parent companies (like HDFC bank) will help it grabbing bank customer at fast pace.
5. HDFC Bank Ltd (Banks) 849.0000 4/14/2020
This company doesn't need any introduction. Great bank with great management. Buy blindly.
6. HDFC Life Insurance Company Ltd (Life Insurance) 479.0000 4/14/2020
Life insurance company from one of the most trusted corporate name in India. Insurance is still under penetrated in India and huge scope is there for next many decades to grow. Management+Future potential+great price = Great combination.
7. KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK LTD. (Banks) 1251.0000 4/14/2020
Very good bank with aggressive management, proven and trustworthy for last many decades. One of the wealth creators in banking sector. Available at good price.
8. UNITED SPIRITS LTD. (Breweries & Distilleries) 571.0000 4/14/2020
Leader company in liquor sector with now foreign promoter. Once situation stablizes, people will be mad to get liquor :) haha. Anyways, good liquidity and change in lifestyle will keep increasing the consumption of alcohol. As the management has completely changed now, good speed of debt reduction is already in place. Good future ahead provided one has patience to hold for many many years.
Submitted by DynamicInvestor on Sunday, April 19, 2020

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Nice portfolio of stocks! Of course these are one of the best companies and quick to recover when things will be alright however as you said, investors should have patience to hold these shares even if prices goes down further. Panic selling will always end up in loss.

4-5 years are the minimum time horizon we should have in the market to get benefited.

Posted by PatientInvestor
on 4/23/2020 8:29:47 PM

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