Retirement portfolio for next 15 years in Indian stock market

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This is my retirement portfolio for next 15 years in Indian stock market. The purpose of this portfolio is to sit on this with very minor change for at least 15 years and retire.

This contains both Financial, IT and Chemical companies that are expected do well in next decade. I feel if India has to reach 5 trillion economy, the financial sector has to play very big role. IT sector will keep growing as the new technologies will keep emerging and world will go more towards automation. Chemical companies will get benefited from China closure and no trust on China now.

Financial sector contains NBFC, AMC, IT sector contains mid size IT companies with great potential, Chemical sector contains small cap companies (either they can multiply exponentially or just be muted). Apart from Chemical sector companies, all are well known and reliable companies where chances of loosing capital is very less.

Thanks, do write your feedback or comments about my portfolio.
Happy Investing!

Portfolio companies (6)

1. Bajaj Finance Limited (Finance (including NBFCs)) 2287.3000 4/14/2020
Leadership position in NBFC, Trusted and renowned management. Most hitech company in NBFC sector. Reliable and aggressive management.
2. L&T Technology Services Ltd (Internet Software & Services) 1155.8500 4/14/2020
LTTS is well known companies focused on ER&D. This is not a typical software services companies but it is dedicated to do innovation, automation of Industries. They have hundreds of patent, they are one of the front runner in implementation of Industry 4.0 standards that is focused on less human dependency in Industry and more automation. Good dividend yield is another advantage with great, proven and reliable promoters.
3. Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd (IT Consulting & Software) 1339.2500 4/14/2020
Technology company from Larsen group, one of the trusted group in India and having track record of creating wealth and building India. This company focus is to work on latest technologies in the software field like Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, data analytics apart from normal technologies. There is very good co-ordination between its parent and other sister companies and they ensure that they leverage each other expertise well. Very good dividend yield is icing on cake.
4. Nippon Life India Asset Management Ltd (Asset Management Cos.) 281.3500 4/14/2020
Recently acquired by Japan based company from Reliance Mutual Fund (earlier). Good parent with 75% holding and have experience of managing billions of dollars. Good contacts in other countries will help them bring and manage money in India. Good penetration by Reliance earlier will be icing on cake.
5. PAUSHAK LTD. (Specialty Chemicals) 1995.0000 4/14/2020
Though the company is small cap but its product are very niche and rare. Very high entry barrier by other chemical company makes it a unique company. Most of the shares are held by either promoters or their relatives. Can be a good compounding machine.
6. TRANSPEK INDUSTRY LTD.-$ (Commodity Chemicals) 1380.0000 4/14/2020
Shroff family runs this company, they are reliable promoters having decades of experience running the company. They have many other chemical companies too. Transpek has got 10 years long contract from DuPont USA that will keep its order book full. Recently did capex and another capex in pipeline in 2021. Good growth story and consistent compounding machine.
Submitted by PatientInvestor on Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Patience doesn't cost anything but pays a lot in stock market!

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